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North Country Golf Magazine is brought to you by North Country Publications,
LLC. Located in the bucolic eastern Twin Cities' suburb of Oakdale, we have
hundreds of beautiful golf courses within a couple hours of our offices. The
Publisher and Editor-in-Chief of North Country Golf is Scott Hanson, a friendly
family man who grew up in Oakdale, and now lives just a couple of miles from
his parents' home with his wife, Connie, 16-month-old daughter, infant son, and
two dogs, Toby and Gromit. Scott's been golfing since an early age, when he
got a youth starter set for a birthday gift. Playing almost entirely at par-3
courses in the early days, he quickly became somewhat-proficient at the game,
and found himself making it onto his high school JV golf team as a freshman,
and the Varsity team the next three years. He has found a way of combining his
love of golf with his love of writing through the pages of North Country Golf. If
there is any reason you want to contact Scott, whether you have a good idea
for an article, or you've found something in our pages that you have an issue
with, let him know at: scott@northcountrygolfmagazine.com.
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